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Get daily Intraday share market tips

Intraday share market tips

Trading in the stock exchanges can generally be summarized in two words - 'Risk' and 'Reward'. The general rule of thumb is that more than the possible reward, related risk is high. However, this is not correct in reverse order; Higher risk does not mean higher rewards. This is the reason why you need to prepare strategies to evaluate your risk appetite before the business and reduce the level of unacceptable risk.

Here are some basic tips that will help you avoid risk while doing business in the stock markets.


Do not 'keep all your eggs in the same basket' while supporting the concept of diversification. Portfolio diversification reduces your overall risk by spreading over different types of products. For example, you have invested 25% in ABC shares, 25% in XYZ, And 50% in PQR shares In this case, if XYZ is a stock tank, you will only suffer loss on 25% investment; Benefit from the remaining 75% percent will cover this loss. Your risk of loss is significantly lower with diversification, it is with investing in your entire corpus in the same stock.

Monitor daily investment, allocate properties again if needed.
To earn profits and avoid losses in the stock exchanges, you need to regularly monitor your investment and market trends. It will tell you which investments are facing potential risk and you can sell them accordingly, thus disrupting the loss. Allocation of financial assets between equityLoans, and alternative assets also help in low risk during business. Alternative assets include investment in currencies or commodities. For an investor with a moderate risk profile, the general allocation can be 50% equity, 30% loan, and 20% in alternative assets. Consulting a financial consultant like Pisa can help you in better allocation of your resources.

The research

Before doing business in the stock market, you should fully research your potential investment. See stock history, earnings, development, management team, and debt load. Compare the results with other similar investment products and other properties in your investment portfolio

Avoid overlapping

Over trading is the biggest mistake of most traders. For example, you should only trade in a stock market when you see a trend market and when you are fully sure that the investment will not be lost. Avoid irrational decisions.

Keep stop-loss

A stop-loss is a stock order that automatically triggers your sale when it goes below the predetermined price. A stop-loss order is designed to limit the loss. Due to the heavy loss due to the lack of stop-loss trigger, novice traders have to leave the business sometimes. It has been observed that maintaining appropriate stop-loss helps reduce losses and maximize profits.
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