Mention guaranteed life insurance, accidental death life insurance, or any other type of insurance policy or provision and most people's eyes glaze over.  Insurance is one of the most boring and dreaded eventualities in life.  Insurance, however, is necessary to ensure that your loved ones are protected in the event of your death.  Mortgage payments, long term care, or a serious illness can sap funds quickly if you are not adequately covered.  If you don't have time to visit with an insurance salesman face to face, you should consider finding the best term life insurance price online.

If you have medical problems, you may want to look for a guaranteed life insurance plan which offers you coverage without requiring a stringent medical examination.  Because there is no medical examination, the death benefit is often graded.  Depending on when the benefit is paid, the beneficiaries receive only a portion of the benefit.  A guaranteed life insurance policy is a whole life insurance policy.  The premiums are higher than traditional whole life plans because nobody can be turned down.  This means that guaranteed life insurance policies accrue a cash value over time, typically after the first year or two.  Like traditional whole life plans, a portion of the premium pays the cost of the insurance, while the rest builds the cash value.

Accidental death life insurance is a special form of life insurance that pays out benefits if the death is due to some unforeseen event.  These types of plans are typically supplements to regular term life insurance plans since there is a possibility that a natural death may occur and that the accidental death benefits would not be paid.  Often, people who participate in high risk activity, like parachuting, rock climbing, or racing are not eligible for this type of coverage.  Accidental death life insurance may be added to a term life insurance policy as a rider.  An accidental death benefit can provide double or even triple payment if the insured's death is the result of an accident.

The best term life insurances are typically offered by websites that query several companies on your behalf.  You simply fill out one form with all the pertinent information and each company comes back with a term life insurance price, one of which you can probably live with.

Check out the term life insurance faq area of any of the insurance company websites to find out how to get started taking advantage of these sites to get the best term life insurance price, based on your age and other qualifications.

Although the premiums are higher, you can get a senior life insurance quote that may help defray costs incurred while a loved one is in the nursing home or hospital suffering from a major illness.

A senior life insurance quote, also referred to as graded death benefit, provides eligible older applicants with a minimal amount of whole life coverage without requiring a medical examination.  Since such policies are issued with little or no underwriting, they provide only a return of the premium or a minimum graded benefit upon death, usually only paying in the first two or three policy years.  Typical issue ages for this type of coverage range from ages 50 to 75 years.  These policies are usually more expensive than a fully underwritten policy.