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Knowledge of medical accident

Knowledge of medical accident

A medical accident is not an accident caused by the degree of disease on the patient side or severity such as injury but obviously the injury or death of the patient occurred in medical practice by a medical staff such as a doctor or a nurse . 

Furthermore, medical accidents are divided into accidents caused by negligence and accidents without negligence. 
There are many cases that it is difficult for the patient side to clarify the judgment as to whether there was this negligence or not, which is also a problem of medical accident. 
Mistakes made by mistake by mistaking the patient's name due to a mistake by a medical professional in the beginning, such as being reported in television, newspapers, etc., surgery, mistakes such as mistakenly injected a disinfectant etc Health accident caused by negligence. 
However, in the case that a symptom such as sudden change after surgery or cerebral infarction unrelated to surgery is caused, it is impossible for a patient or a patient's family to judge whether it can be said that it is a medical accident, so that it is possible for a healthcare worker's neat There are cases where you have to leave to judgment and conscience. 
In addition, when a medical accident occurs, not only the medical staff in charge, but also selfish cases that hide the facts at hospital toy do not break down later. 
Medical accidents are accidents that patients can not prevent, but in order to protect the lives of myself and important families, it is also important to deepen knowledge about medical care and raise "patient power".

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