Stock Market Basics for Itraday Traders 

Too many people, the stock market looks like an intimidating and risky business but is it really?

Most people have a distorted perception about the stock market, they feel intimidated by the risks or just fail to understand how it works, The fact is the stock market is actually no more risky than starting up any other business. In my own perception of things, and after having been involved in other trade business ideas, I have concluded that that the stock market is a mini reflection of the real world and directly related to it. Investing in the stock market does mean investing in the real world! There’s a number of distinct advantages though, somewhat less apparent:

Investing in the stock market is a lot cheaper than starting up any other business, there’s no premises, no staff and no overheads.
There’s an illusion that investing and trading are more risky than classic business, how wrong! Both ideas are ruled by monetary capital and free market laws, unless you have something unique and extraordinary to sell, and know how to sell it, you are unlikely to succeed in classic business, simply because the market is saturated!

It’s an established fact that most classic businesses grow larger through share issuing and corporate loans, the biggest winner is the biggest shareholder once the company gets listed on the stock market.
Many pension funds and insurance companies invest heavily in the stock market, without this kind of investing it would be impossible for these big companies to meet their obligations, take for example Loyds of London, a big insurer, many airlines and shipping companies are fully insured in this insurance company, even the world trade centre in New York was 100% insured in them. If you count dollar by dollar how much Loyds got in premiums and how much they paid out in the last 20 years, the numbers simply don’t add up! Even if you adjust them by a 3% annual inflation rate, they still don’t add up, and then there’s their enormous operating costs as well, the answer is simple, they invested their reserves in the stock market, and they made much more than 3% a year!

Of course, like every business, the stock market requires you to have the necessary expertise before you can plan an investment, it sounds like an obscure and distant idea but is not really. All one has to do, is find a mentor, a trading guru who can guide them every step of the way in this exciting business.

Take the opportunity to find your mentor in trading and investing, get in touch with some of the best experts in the industry and let them simplify the task for you!